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Satellite Internet Reviews

Our goal here at Satellite Internet Reviews is to provide useful information about anything related to high speed satellite internet access.

Are you frustrated with slow dial-up internet service but can't get DSL or cable internet? You don't have to move just to get fast internet. Satellite internet reviews will help you find out how to get access to fast internet no matter where you live.

We believe that a high speed satellite internet system is a great alternative to dial-up and we're here to help you decide if a satellite internet system might be right for you.

Because we suffered through the pain of dial-up for years, we jumped at the chance to upgrade to a satellite service when it became available. And although there have been some glitches, we would never go back to dial-up.

Satellite internet service providers are located throughout the United States and Canada. You can check online for one that provides service in your community. If there is no local provider, we'll give you information on how to locate one that can help you. Even those living in remote areas can get satellite internet, so having a local provider is not really an issue.

Internet access via satellite is the new kid on the block when it comes to broadband internet. And for those living in rural areas, it couldn't come at a better time. Even though it's been available for awhile now, it's quite possible you may have never even heard about it.

We were really excited when they put new internet towers up in our area. Finally, high speed internet we thought. But unfortunately we still couldn't get high speed internet because our line of sight had too many trees in the way. We were so frustrated and disappointed once again.

No one thought to tell us that there was rural satellite internet service available as an alternative! We kind of discovered it by chance or we might still be putting up with a slow dial-up internet.

Generally, satellite internet won't be as fast as cable or DSL, but it will be many, many times faster than dial-up. And although it takes longer to complete downloads, you can enjoy almost everything that a person with a broadband service can.

Working in a home office instead of commuting, running an e-commerce site, watching videos online, downloading pictures from your email, and much more are all possible with broadband satellite internet access. Try doing any of those things with dial-up!

But satellite internet does have its problems and at the Satellite Internet Reviews website we'll talk about those as well. It may help you to avoid a few of the pitfalls that we experienced. After all, you need to know both sides of the story before you make your decision about going for high speed satellite internet access.